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1141 Hot Rolled:


Disclaimer: The content of this page is for general information only and is not to be used for engineering or design. The content of this material specification page was compiled from available public sources and authorities on material properties. Although we believe the information to be corrrect, Metal Stock, Inc. is not responsible for the accuracy of any of the material specifications and only presents this data as general information for our customers.

1141; This is medium-carbon, manganese steel. It is melted to special bar quality and fine-grain specifications, possessing high consistency and uniformity. Strength characteristics are high in the as-rolled condition, and greater hardness and strength may be obtained through heat treatment. Machinability is excellent, due to addition of sulphur.


General Information about Hot Rolled 1141:


1141 hot rolled is a medium carbon steel with the addition of sulphur for improved machinability. It responds favorably to heat treating when greater strength and toughness is required. 1141 is not recommended for welding due to its higher carbon and sulphur content. Note the diameter tolerances at the bottom of the page (approximately twice as close when compared to 1018 cold finished). Applications include gears, shafts, bolts, studs, axles, and tie rods.


1141 - Long, gummy chips characterize this alloy's machinability. It can be machined in the annealed condition; however, condition H1150M will yield best results. Post machining solution treatment of parts will be required prior to final hardening if machining in this condition. Successfully welded by common fusion and resistance methods, this alloy should not be joined by oxyacetylene welding. AWS E/ER630 filler metal is recommended if required.

HEAT TREATING - Forging, Normalizing, and Annealing:


CONDITION A - Soak at 1900°F (1038°C) for 30 minutes and cool below 60°F (16°C) for complete martensite transformation.

CONDITION H 950 - Treat Condition A material at 900 F(482 C) for one hour; air cool.

CONDITION H925, H1025, H1075, H1100, H1150 - Soak solution treated material for four hours at specified temperature; air cool.

CONDITION H1150M - Soak solution treated material at 1400°F (760°C) for two hours; air cool, then re-heat to 1150°F
(620°C) for four hours and air cool.


Soak for one hour at 2150°F (1177°C) prior to forging. Do not work below 1850°F (1010°C). Post-work solution treatment is required prior to final hardening.


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