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Carbon Steel Galvanized Sheets:


Disclaimer: The content of this page is for general information only and is not to be used for engineering or design. The content of this material specification page was compiled from available public sources and authorities on material properties. Although we believe the information to be corrrect, Metal Stock, Inc. is not responsible for the accuracy of any of the material specifications and only presents this data as general information for our customers.

Galvanized sheets are produced from a precisely manufactured hot rolled processed sheet, which is then cold-reduced to the desired thickness. These sheets are rolled to a close tolerance and possess a fine surface finish. The continuous hot dip zinc coating will withstand bending and forming without flaking when tested in accordance with ASTM A 525. The galvanizing process produces sheets with a tight, even coat of prime spelter of the 1.25 oz. per square foot coating class. Galvanized steel sheets has a silver-grey matte finish generally acceptable on interior parts. Galvanized sheets also has good corrosion resistance, for parts where added rust protection is needed.

Galvanized sheets conforms to ASTM A653.


General Information about Galvanized Sheets:


Galvanized Sheets have an unlimited number of uses and applications, such as automobile parts including interior and exterior parts, appliance parts, highly formable parts, parts needing good dent resistance, heating and ventilating ducting, culverts, window framing, roofing, cornices, vending machines, microwaves, audio-visual and gaming systems, exposed parts of metal furniture, cabinets, cabinet and furniture hardware, skinning frames, trusses, decking, gutters, metal construction studs, light industrial applications such as tool boxes, shelving, and lighting fixtures, and general building and utility uses.


Galvanized Sheets' machinability is rated at 78% of B1112. Average cutting speed 130 ft/min. This grade is easily welded by all welding processes including gas, air, and submerges arc, and the resultant welds and joints are of extremely high quality. Preheat and post-weld heating is generally not necessary.





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