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360 Brass:


Disclaimer: The content of this page is for general information only and is not to be used for engineering or design. The content of this material specification page was compiled from available public sources and authorities on material properties. Although we believe the information to be correct, Metal Stock, Inc. is not responsible for the accuracy of any of the material specifications and only presents this data as general information for our customers.

360 Brass is produced from a combination of copper and zinc, has the highest machinability of all copper alloys, and is the standard against which all the others are compared. 360 Brass, known for its strength and resistance to corrosion with properties closely resembling that of steel, is one of the most popular copper alloys used today. 360 Brass can be precision machined easily. Although ductile in its softened state, 360 Brass is a strong material to work with and maintains its strength even under some of the most demanding conditions. 360 Brass forms a thin protective patina, which, unlike steel and iron, will not rust when exposed to the atmosphere. As a high-density material, 360 Brass is ideal for heavy industrial parts. 360 Brass is also valued for its high polished finish. At Metal Stock, Inc., 360 Brass is available in rounds, flats, squares, and hexagons.

360 Brass conforms to ASTM B16, SAE J461, SAE J463, AMS 4610H.


General Information about 360 Brass:


360 Brass has a wide range of applications, such as screw machine parts, couplings, bushings, connectors, fittings, circuit board relays, electronic components, switches, nuts, bolts, valve stems and valve components, pump shafts, brackets, frames, fixtures, ornamental works, and is used extensively in the musical instrument, electrical equipment, plumbing, central heating, seawater lines, and desalination fields.


360 Brass is the highest rated (100%) of the copper alloys and is the standard in which all other copper alloys are compared. 360 Brass has just fair hot forming capabilities and very poor cold forming characteristics. Welding is not recommended, although 360 Brass has low to fair soldering and brazing capabilities. 360 Brass has poor butt-welding characteristics.

HEAT TREATING - Forging, Normalizing, and Annealing:

Forging: The recommended hot working temperature for 360 Brass is 1300° - 1450°F.

Annealing: The annealing temperature of 360 Brass is 800° - 110°F.




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