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Metal Stock, Inc.

ASTM International; Formerly the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

ASTM International standards are the tools of customer satisfaction and competitiveness.

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SERVICES: We have a full service metal shop and provide material deliveries!

Metal Stock, Inc.'s shop facilities is nearly 50,000 square feet of the most reliable metal shop technology, material handling, and services. Our shop also houses our sales department to form a set-up that is geared to better serve our customers' needs from sales to service and support.

At Metal Stock, Inc., we continuously work at making your steel purchases easier and your wait time shorter. So not only you can buy your steel here, you can also have it cut, burned, sheared, drilled, punched, and welded. Our services include delivery of your order or finished project using our impressive truck fleet . . . Click here to view some photos.

We have a 120,000 gallon liquid oxygen tank and a 3,000 gallon propane tank on site that feeds all our burning machines with headers. This ensures that we will not have any interruptions during our burning processes. These tanks are monitored electronically. Our shop is equipped with air compressors and piped with wall headers and drops at various locations.

Need special parts cut? All of our burning machines are CNC controlled. We have AutoCad capabilities and use TurboCut for our burning processes. Be sure to talk to our sales department about your special projects!

Metal Stock, Inc. Metal Stock, Inc. Metal Stock, Inc. Metal Stock, Inc. Metal Stock, Inc.
Metal Stock, Inc. Metal Stock, Inc. Metal Stock, Inc. Metal Stock, Inc. Metal Stock, Inc.

Browse our services listed below;, call us with any questions you may have at (215) 335-2003.

Services to fit your project requirements:

  • Plasma Cutting
  • Flame Cutting
  • Saw Cutting
  • / Bending / Punching / Drilling /
  • Shearing
  • Welding
Plasma Cutting - At Metal Stock, Inc., we have the capabilities to provide superior high definition plasma cutting services to our customers at our state-of-the-art shop. Our highly skilled and experienced programmers and technicians are qualified to handle all the unique requirements involved for any of our customers' projects. Below is a list of some of our equipment.

Hypertherm HT2000: A dual plasma burning unit with 10' wide x 30' long water table. CNC control (Plasma burning capabilities through 1-1/4" for stainless steel), and up to 6" thick material in carbon steel using four torches. Cutting tolerances depend on thickness of material. This machine can cut @ 200 AMPS for production down to 50 AMPS for cleaner, more precise cuts.

Koike Aronson 3100: This machine doubles as a plasma and flame cutting machine. Cutting width is 186" and 240" length. This machine is equipped with four Hypertherm cutting torches and is run by CNC Control. As a plasma unit, This machine can cut up to 1-1/4" thick stainless steel material and 6" thick carbon steel.

(Coming soon) Watch a plasma cutting video;

Flame Cutting - Metal Stock Inc.'s shop is fully equipped with a variety of flame cutting capabilities and can provide you with fast and reliable service. Contact our sales department to discuss your flame cutting needs.

Koike Aronson 3100: This cutting machine's cutting width is 186" and 240" length. This machine is equipped with four Hypertherm cutting torches and is run by CNC Control. This machine is also a plasma burning machine and can cut up to 1-1/4" thick stainless steel material and 6" thick carbon steel.

Hypertherm CNC burning machine: This machine is a flame burning machine only. It is equipped with an eye burning, which can outline drawings from a template and download them into the machine for burning. This machine also has four burning torches and can burn material up to 6" thick.

Metal Stock, Inc.
Saw Cutting - Metal Stock, Inc. has precision cold saws and band sawing equipment to provide cut to length materials and component parts. Our saw department can process your order to your tolerances, from one piece to a thousand.

CNC Aluminum Table Saw: This table saw can cut aluminum up to 4" thick and handle plates 96" wide x 144" length. This machine has a cut tolerance of 10 thousands. The material is fed to this machine with an overhead crane attached to a beam that is equipped with vacuum pads to minimize scratches to the material. (Univac Series Lifter).

Horizontal Saws:
HEM Saw Model H90 A1:. 12-3/4" Round / 12-3/4" Flat capacity. 24" Stroke bar feed system with single index.
HEM Saw Model Cyclone A-4: 16" High x 22" Flat @ 90 Degree / 16" High x 15" Flat @ 45 Degree - Miter in one direction only. 24" Stroke bar feed system with four indexes up to 96".
HEM Saw Model H105A.

Band Saw:
DoAll Band Saw Model C-916M: Load capacity is 1,800 pounds. The machine is designed to cut stock up to nine inches high and 16 inches wide.

Click the picture below to watch a video.

Scotchman 120 - Ton capabilities - 12" throat - Punching capacity @ 1-1/2" in 1" - Max angle shear is 6' x 6" x 1/2" - Max rod shear is 1-1/4" - Breaking table & squaring arm max is 12" length x 24" width x 3/8" thick.

Bridgeport Modol 134883 Drilling machine.
Grizzly Drilling Machine.
Magnetic Drills

YSD 10' x 1/2" CNC Shear. Shear capabilities are 1/2" x 10' width on carbon steel (A36) and 1/4" x 10' width on stainless steel.

Sheet Shears: Capability of cutting light gauge material. Can cut up to 96" width material.

Watch a video of plasma cutting; click the picture below.

Lincoln Idealarc DC-500: Electrical machines for multi-process.
Lincoln Pro-80: Handheld plasma cutters.

Metal Stock, Inc.


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